Our Pastor

In February 2014 Keeth and Nicola with their young family set out to pioneer a brand new church. Their dream was to see ‘Jesus become a reality’ in the everyday life and where people will become everything God intended them to be. A place where families thrive and people are raised to life in Jesus.
Our story began in the living room of Keeth and Nic on a Wednesday night, with two other families gathering and praying. With in the space of few months they saw their living room packed with people hungry to hear Gods word and as result in April of 2015 launched our first Sunday service at the The Bushey Arena.
Together, Keeth and Nicola Bandara lead City of Lights Church, based in the heart of Bushey. Keeth and Nicola has led youth ministries across London for a period of 10 years. During this time they spearheaded a national youth gathering called “Candyshop”. Known for his down to earth and humorous approach, Keeth is a gifted communicator, with the ability to bring fresh contemporary and anointed messages that portrays the reality of Jesus in everyday life. Keeth and Nicola have two sons and one daughter; Makai, Reuel and Etana.

Our Mission

Our mission declares; our purpose as a church and serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions…

“to make Jesus a reality”

Our Vision

To achieve our mission we have a set of goals that we see will help us to accomplish our mission – they are…


We will intentionally empower people to live. Jesus came to give life. City of Lights seeks to become a place where people are empowered to live through message of Jesus and by demonstration of his power.


We will intentionally encourage people to love through words and deeds. Gods ultimate display of love was to give his Son Jesus to redeem all of humanity.


We will intentionally equip people to lead. Jesus commissioned us to ‘go’ and make disciples. He calls each and every one of us to be a leader in our own sphere of influence.